Friday, November 24, 2017

If You Come Back

I can tell it by the look that's in your eyes
You've been hurt many times before
When I say this time that it's real
You're gonna say you're just not sure

Countless nights wrestling with your fear
Pain and tears are your closest friends
Reliving the past, it's all you really know
While your future hangs out at the door

I know now you just don't need me
Go ahead and fly away
And if someday you come back
I’ll be here hoping you stay

Friday, November 17, 2017

Murder In God's House

The name Thomas Becket may not be familiar to you but he is part of a fascinating and gruesome story that culminated in his death in the Canterbury Cathedral.

The year is 1155 and Thomas Becket was on the fast track to riches and power. Henry II, King of England, had just promoted him to the role of Chancellor and he had become one of the King's trusted advisers. In 1162, Theobald, who was the Archbishop of Canterbury died. Henry saw this as his chance to promote one of his own men to this powerful position and so he selected his Chancellor, Thomas Becket.

I think it is important to this story to realize that Thomas Becket was not born into royalty, he was the son of a merchant. His talents and work ethic had enabled him to the reach the position of Chancellor to the King and all the power, riches, and fame that this position included. This is a man who owed his king all that he had. His loyalty was expected after his rapid rise to power.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Dead Man's Hand

Who didn't love playing Cowboys and Indians when they were young? My brother and I would spend hours with our friends, hiding behind trees and rocks or finding the perfect hiding place, (which would then prove to be so boring that you had to announce your presence to someone!) but the goal remained the same - kill before being killed.

It's funny to try to describe to children of this generation how we used to take sticks, divide into teams, pick a side (Cowboys or Indians) and then proceed to hunt each other down by shooting the other person with our wooden branch.

Let me stop here and emphasize the honesty aspect in this game for those who have had no real experience playing this game. No one wanted to play with someone who never admitted they had been shot. The ethics of the game relied on the sportsmanship of all who were playing. It was a very precise way of determining the character of the neighborhood kids who were participating. And this proved to be an handy metric for our future relationships . . .

Friday, November 03, 2017

On Seeing

Of that which I can see, I long to see no more.

Of that which I cannot see, I crave to see more clearly.

Of that which I can only imagine, I pray that it becomes my reality soon.

Ephesians 3:20