Friday, May 25, 2018

Problems with Christianity

By the time he got to Yale University, it wasn’t the logical arguments that made him turn his back on Jesus. It was the way kids in the youth group had marginalized him.

“More often than not people’s problems with Christianity don’t have to do with intellectual hang-ups but with the stories of hurt, stories of rejection, stories of people who are supposed to embody the gospel in a compelling and endearing way, they end up doing the opposite,” says Dr. Paul C. H. Lim in the video embed above.. 
Highly recommended, around 50 minutes in length. 

Friday, May 18, 2018

I Love Games

I have so many nerdy hobbies that it can't be a surprise that I also love to play board games. When I was a child we played several games growing up, Clue, Careers, Monopoly, Parcheesi, Carom, Sorry, Life, Chess were some of my favorite board games. We also loved to play Ping Pong, Basketball, Football and Table Top Hockey. Looking back the noise we made playing that hockey game on the kitchen table had to drive my parents bonkers. (Thanks again Mom and Dad!)

In high school I discovered Avalon Hill war games. Panzer Blitz, Gettysburg, Tactics II, Kingmaker and of course, Diplomacy. (The only game guaranteed to destroy friendships in less than the duration of the game itself) In college D&D was growing in popularity and with my active imagination I fell in love with that game. (Go Rowlf! - Palladin / Cleric with a killer hammer)

After work become the driving force in my life I gave up most games until I got married in my very late 30's. Children games became fun again, Chutes and Ladders, Enchanted Forest, Labyrinth, Connect 4, Battleship and Uno were the games of choice. Later, Ticket To Ride, Pandemic, Monopoly, and Stratego were fun distractions until the boys moved out and my daughter discovered boys.

What's next? Hopefully a season of time where our kids will bring their growing families and friends over so that together we can discover the next generation of great board games.

Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Faded Out Feeling

Oh, what a faded-out feeling
Nothing I can see or find
When your dreams are all in pieces
No one walking through that door

Sifting through the dust in my mind now
Perhaps I'm looking for truth but it's elusive to face
Not sure who is hiding from what or whom
Easier to pull up the sheets than to seek the light

Tell me I lack the courage
Tell me that I really don't want to know
Not really concerned with your feelings
Step off that cliff, see if I care