Wednesday, January 24, 2018

All I Need

I've got so many questions
Not sure, I want the answers
Have you ever not really known? 
And you answer in a whisper
Giving hope in the land of death

I try so hard to listen
Waiting with a anxious heart
Lord, please calm my soul
Let your Spirit reign in me
Let your Spirit reign in me
So please  . . .

Catch me when I fall
Hear me when I call
Revive the joy in me
Lord, you're all I need

Hold me when I weep
Protect me when I sleep
Give me eyes to see
That Lord, you're all I need

When life finds me on my knees
Your promises are all I can take
Trying to remember, struggling to remain
I know I’m never alone,
I will never be alone . . .

Without your love, to give me strength
My life would have taken a different course
Lord, I give you all the praise
For everything you’ve done in my life
For how you’re working in my life

So please  . . .

Repeat Chorus

Lyrics by Drew Wade and Byron Lee

Friday, January 19, 2018

Job and Eliphaz

In the 22nd chapter of Job, Job's friend Eliphaz was trying to diagnose why Job had been cursed by God (see the story of Job for all of the painful details). Like a lot of God's people today Eliphaz equated God's favor with earthly blessings. See for yourself . . . "If you return to the Almighty you will be built up; if you remove injustice far from your tents . . . then the Almighty will be your gold and your precious silver."  (Job 22:23-25)

This advice didn't make God happy, "I am angry with you [Eliphaz] and your two friends, because you have not spoken the truth about me." (Job 42:7) - It's a dangerous thing to speak untruths about the King of Kings. We can see at the end of the book of Job that God only forgave Job's friends after Job prayed for them.

Saturday, January 06, 2018

Legacy? What Do You Think Of When You Hear That Word?

Legacy: A Noun - "As in something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past."

What comes into your mind when you hear the word legacy?

A house? Property? Money? Stamp Collection? Laughter? Faith? What do you want to leave to your loved ones that will be an accurate representation of your life?

Sometimes I fall victim to thinking that a great legacy must consist of a sizable gift, a epic, memory provoking event that will be remembered for generations to come. Few people operate in that kind of rarefied air, and even if they do, rarely do we view the type of life that crosses the boundaries of the ages.